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In March of this year (2011), I contacted Shen Martial Arts in search of a dit da jow formula with a mild odor. I had recently returned to martial arts training, and was looking for a new dit da jow, the scent of which my wife could tolerate. Mario was kind enough to experiment with a new formula he had not yet marketed that possessed a more aromatic scent than traditional dit da jow; even having his own wife smell it to ensure it possessed a more mild bouquet.

Upon receiving the Celtic Tree of Life formula I was able to obtain olfactory approval from my wife, and thus began training. On the first use, I noticed a much faster recovery from basic impact training. After the first week, the tissue in my hands was starting to feel firmer. My training then became more intense. With continued use, I very quickly built up my power and resistance. I even shared the benefits of the dit da jow with my wife and sister, who utilized the formula on minor muscular complaints. They were amazed at the results!!

As my return to training continued, I started incorporating the use of dit da jow on my forearms, shins and insteps with great success. I was so impressed with the results; I stopped using the formula for a few weeks just to see what difference it made. My recovery times slowed and even my striking lessened in intensity due to increased pain. I returned to use, and immediately began progressing again. I am still seeing positive development.
I gladly sing the accolades of Shen Martial Arts to all of my martial companions. I have practiced martial arts periodically for more than 20 years, and this is the best dit da jow I have ever used. I wish I had found Shen Martial Arts years ago. The quality is outstanding, the value is unbeatable, and the respect and dedication is unmatched. This is a company that truly cares about its customers!! Many thanks Mario!!

Thanks again!!

Stephen Golebiewski

After months of suffering with pain and discomfort in my feet I came across a bottle of Xiao Zhong Zhi Tong Yiao Gao dit da jow liniment I had purchased from Shen Martial Arts last year.  When I applied this jow to my feet I felt an almost immediate relief of my symptoms.   I have been using the product daily over the past week and have continued to improve.   Thank you Shen Martial Arts for great jow and great service!! HeathPractitioner of Various Martial Arts since 1991Currently Practice Bagua, Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan

As a long time practitioner of internal Chinese arts as well as a professional jazz guitarist, I have been pleased to find that the people at Shen are as helpful as the products they represent. The 5 Family Fist formula is a valuable adjunct to my Xing YI practice and the White Tiger Iron Palm Formula is a Godsend to the hand and wrist pain that occurs after a long gig. (Without over thickening the skin or loss of sensitivity).

Master Jason Argos.

I purchased Choy li fut Ching Jong from Shen Martial Arts a few months ago. I have to say I am very happy about my investment! The wooden dummy is well constructed and VERY durable. I have used many CLF techniques at full force on the dummy's arms and also the included sandbags for the ching jong and they have shown absolutely no wear or tear what so ever! When I excuted techniques, I feel the solid construction of the dummy absorb the force of my blocks and strikes. I use the dummy daily and it is simply great! My Choy li fut skills have improved significantly in a few short months time and my arm and leg conditioning has greatly increased. The ching jong is well crafted and comes well packed with some assembly required. The instructions were very clear and the little assembly required was very simple. With a well crafted and constructed ching jong and Shen Martial Arts lowest price thatI have been able to find anywhere, you simply can't go wrong! I highly recommend Shen Martial Art's Ching Jong for your Choy li fut training! Jeff---North Idaho Click here for our  Choy Li Fut Wooden Dummy: Ching Jong

I am very impressed with the effectiveness of your Makiwara liniment. I am more than surprised by how fast it worked and how quickly it is improving the strength of my hands / fists.  Prior to using the Makiwara liniment, I had reached a point where the pain and swelling from my makiwara training were becoming too much for me to continue advancing.  It is still incredible how in a matter of days of using the Makiwara liniment, my hands, fists, wrists feel stronger, the swelling has gone away, the pain is minimal and I am now working on going to a new level of striking power in my training.  I cannot express how amazing this stuff really is! Thank you to Shen Martial Arts. I am glad I found you. Daniel - Sebring, Florida  November 12, 2008Practitioner of Kyokushin Karate

Hola, soy un practicante de wing-chun de españa.y estoy muy contento con el pedido que me habeis enviado. No encontraba este tipo de saco.y el saco me ha gustado mucho.es exactamente lo que buscaba. el precio buenisimo, y el envio mejor aun. lo he recibido en solo 7 dias. y eso que estoy en españa!!.Me alegro de que existan tiendas como la vuestra. en el futuro imagino que os comprare mas cosas.un saludo desde españa.y gracias por todo. I'm sorry, my english is horrible. ;) 

Hello, I am a practitioner of wing-chun from spain.I'm very happy with the order that you have sent me. Did not find this kind of has training bag.I liked very much this model of 3 sections bag training.it's exactly what I want.the price is very good, and sending even better. I've received in just 7 days, in Spain!!.I'm glad that there are stores like yours. in the future i think that most purchases more .greetings from spain. thanks for all.Armando from Spain - Nov. 6, 2008

It's now been two years since I first became a customer of Shen Martial Arts and Shen remains my #1 favorite source for martial arts training supplies. Mario is an excellent communicator, who readily shares his knowledge and provides top notch service.

 All of the products that I've bought have been of the highest quality. The steel shot grip bag that I have used almost daily for two years, aside from being stained with jow, is as good as new. The gravel filled iron palm bag that has taken quite a beating and the advanced river rock bag that I recently started using share the same quality workmanship. I've had the same success with the Dit Da Jows that I've used. The two that have worked best for me with iron palm training are the Chan Ning Kong and the Bak Fu Pai. I use several other jows for general pre and post conditioning as well as for healing (ie. Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis, 8 Immortals, Southern Dragon and San Bao which I'm now brewing). Shen's selection of jows is second to none and I always look forward to trying others.     A few months ago I started using a couple of Shen's herbal wines to augment my strength conditioning sets. I have had great success with both the Stone Warrior (http://www.shenmartialarts.com/displayitem.asp?catalogid=100&id=13&origcat=2) and the Authentic Shaolin Training Wine (http://www.shenmartialarts.com/displayitem.asp?catalogid=101&id=13&origcat=2) . I have been using both the bottled wines and the herbal formula packs. The Stone Warrior works for me throughout the day similar to a time release capsule while the Authentic Shaolin Training wine is very effective when I take it prior to training. The list of must have items from Shen just keeps growing. Shen Martial Arts is not just my favorite supplier of great training products with great service but also a great training partner. Thanks again. Martin SchechterApril 26, 2007

I was suffering strong pains in my knees and hips due to sciatica which seriously affected my Kung Fu practice.  After using Shen Dit Da Jow and Tiger Stance Elixir, I can now practice Kung Fu without feeling any sciatic pains.  It is an amazing experience, and I have become a big fan of SMA products.  Especially, SMA’s advice and services have been very helpful and reliable.  For a Kung Fu student like me who do not have knowledgeable Sifu nearby, SMA is indispensable for training.  Thank you very much, and please continue to provide great products for us.


Tatsuya Toda-Ridgefield, NJ.

"I have bought various products from Mario in the past including Dit Da Jow, instructional videos and grip training bags. As a non US based customer of other sites I have often had issues regarding the delivery times and overall level of service. However, I can safely say that Mario has provided a first class and speedy delivery each and every time I have ordered goods. With this in mind, I would have no hesitation in recommending Shen Martial Arts to dedicated martial artists."Paul Smeaton, Scotland, UK

"I've been purchasing from Shen Martial Arts for some time now and all I can say is that I'm really satisfied. Mr. Mario Figueroa is definetely the nicest, coolest, friendliest seller I've ever made business with, and I'm positive I'll be buyng equipment, books and chinese herbal medicine from him for as long as he continues to run this great store. Mario, it's great to know that we can keep in touch regardless of our transactions. Someday I expect to call you a real friend. Ready to trade kung fu ideas and share my knowledge with you any time,

Best regards and greetings from Brasil!"

"I have purchased merchandise from Mario for about a year now. I have found his products to be an asset in my martial arts training programs and have recommended him to many of my students and friends. His business provides an excellent source for training materials and medicinal dit dow jows bar none. Mario stands behind his products and offers an excellent customer service ethic. His knowledge of what works and what doesn't work in the martial arts training sphere greatly assists those who are just beginning their martial training endeavors. I consider Mario to be an asset to the martial arts community and would highly recommend him as a resource in the highest confidence.Jose DelgadoInstructor Kaboroan EscrimaWing Chun Practicioner"

"Thank you for the excellent service, fast shipment, tracking information and follow up communication. The Hapkido cane is excellent quality, light weight but very strong and durable. I look forward to purchasing more of your products. Thank You,
Marty Gothard, Vacaville, California."
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"I have been shopping with "shen" martial arts for awhile now. I have never been more pleased with the service I have received. mario is a wealth of knowledge and more than happy to share it with you. He has helped me in many cases. I train "iron skills" arts and use a lot of dit da jow. The jow from "shen" is the best bar none. It is the best selection and the strongest brews I have ever used. I personally prfer the "golden lotus" it has worked some wonders on injuries in short order. Thank you mario for you great service and great products. I will be a life long customer. best wishes for you and the service you provide.
Rod Morgan
La Center, KY"

"Shen Martial Arts is an indispensable source for consistent high-quality herbs for all health and martial purposes. My students and I rely solely on their products for our training needs. There is no one else who can match their quality, service, or price. Thank you, Mario."

T. Hicks, Fort Wayne, IN, 4th Dan Tae Kwon Do;
3rd Dan Tomika Ryu Jujitsu; formal NHB player;
Judo practitioner and National Amateur Title winner;
various Chinese Arts;
certifications in Acupressure, Personal Training, Exertherapy, and Nutrition; and Qi Gong instructor"
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"I've bought several different products from Shen Martial Arts: videos, a book, Dit Da Jow, herbal remedies, and a grip bag. I've been very happy with all and with the very fast shipping and friendly communication that has accompanied each purchase. I use the steel shot-filled grip bag daily and find it an excellent training tool that is well made and holds up to daily use. My favorite purchase to date, though, is the 3 Treasures Daoist Healing Liniment. It is almost uncanny how effective this has been in healing my often strained achy shoulders and neck after a hard training workout. I will definitely continue buying this and only wish that I had discovered it years ago. Thanks, Martin Schechter - Goldens Bridge, NY"

Click here for the
Grip Bag
3 Treasures Daoist Dit Da Jow

"I have had the pleasure of purchasing custom - made Iron Palm training equipment, Iron Palm book, herbal medicines and Dit Da Jow from Shen Martial arts a couple of times now. The Shen Jow is truly inspiring and effective. After faithfully conditioning with the bar for even a short time, my body is becoming rapidly resistant to pain and bruises, and my strikes are stronger every day too. You guys know your stuff and it shows. It's nice to be able to customize my orders, and Mario gets back to me right away with combined shipping and answers to my questions about the various products. What a relief it is to me, to have a great supplier like these guys for unique products. The shipping from SMA is fast too. Shen Jow and mung bean powder has become one of my favorite smells; every night I can relax, forget about my busy day, and do Iron Palm training with the high quality bags and jow. Thanks again for the support and great products. - Erik Carlson, Cedar Falls, IA"

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Bottled Jow and Herb Packs

"I just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for making a fine jow. I was using your shen jow for my shoulder (had surgery a couple of years ago) and it helped. My mother had a hip replacement (the second time for the hip) and I sent her a bottle of your shen dit da jow. She wasn't sure it was doing anything so she quit using it for a day and the next morning she was very sore. Shortly thereafter she put some on and within 30 mins the soreness was gone and bending over no longer caused pain. I just bought her another bottle as she is running out of the first one. I just wanted to say thank you for making the product available.Sincerely,Matt Vogt - 5/11/06Martial Arts Enthusiast and Full Contact Medieval Sword Fighter"Click here for the Bottled Jow and Herb Packs

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