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    Iron Palm Bags

Iron Palm Bags are the fundamental tool for Iron Palm training. These bags are placed on a firm, flat surface and are used for continuous striking. There are a variety of different striking combinations used by different lineages and instructors, some quite extensive and involving more than just the Palm portion of the hand. This can be differentiated as Iron Hand Training.

The construction of the bags is simple but specific. In order to obtain the best results from the training, the contents and ratio of contents are well defined. This marks a difference between traditional Iron Palm Bags, also referred to as Shaolin Iron Palm Bags, and other bags that do not follow the traditional guidelines.

Iron Palm Training also follows a specified progression as the practitioner advances. The training can be divided into 4 stages as follows: 1) Beginning, 2) Intermediate, 3) Advanced and lastly and often forgotten, 4) Maintenance. Each stage follows firm guidelines defining the practice, the method, herbal support, and readiness to progress to the next stage.

Herbal support is a very important part of Iron Palm Training. an external Iron Palm Liniment must be employed for each stage to avoid injury. Other herbal formulas such as a complementary Dit Da Jow, an Herbal Training Wine and the use of tonic pills and teas can also be used to great benefit and for optimal results.

Shen Martial Arts offers Iron Palm Bags for all stages of training. Our bags are made with strict attention to traditional standards in order to allow practitioners to experience the best results and to achieve their highest attainment.

Our Beginning Level Iron Palm Bag contains a specific type of medicinal bean. It is extremely important at this stage that the practitioner be protected from injury and infection. This stage is the foundation for continued advancement and prepares the body for the rigors of the higher stages. The contents used for this bag help build that foundation, including conditioning the skin so that it becomes more resistant to cuts, tears and scuffs.

Likewise the Intermediate and advanced stage bags each contain the correct type of filling and the proper mix ratio. This traditional knowledge is highly effective and makes the difference between good results and highest results.

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Advanced Iron Palm Striking Bag - 18 Lbs. Steel Shot

Iron Palm Advanced Striking Bag - Large River Rock

Iron Palm Bag - Intermediate Level

Iron Palm Striking Bag - Medicinal Beans

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