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Cotton Steel Stay Flexible Wine (Shu Jin Chih) - 8 oz    SKU # 310003

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8 Ounce Bottle - Ready to Use.

This is a very ancient formula inherited from the Taoist tradition but rumored to be of Indian origin. While much of martial arts is associated with Yang energy, such as strength, toughness, firmness, hardness, the Taoists placed a high value on the Yin aspect of reality, the soft, the yielding. This formula is also referred to as ''Stay Flexible Wine'' due to its effects on keeping the body supple, soft, flexible, limber and light. These are attributes not only advantageous for martial artists, but necessary for longevity and for the Taoist pursuit of Immortality. It is said to make your muscles soft, supple allowing for full development of flexibility, extension, and speed, while at the same time making them as strong and resistant as steel yet without the stiffness or hardness.

Taoist initiates and adepts used this formula to develop the ability to stay still without motion in a variety of stances and poses which hints to its potential Indian Yogic heritage. This formula relaxes the muscles and tendons, improves blood circulation, and is a tonic for the Liver, Spleen and Kidney organs and channels. It is very effective for relieving arthritis pain, lower back pain, knee and leg pains and numbness. Helps strengthen weak knees.

Instructions: Drink 1/4 to 1/2 ounce in 2 ounces (or more) of hot water as a tea 2 times per day. Best if taken first thing in the morning and before retiring at night. Another dose can be taken before your martial arts, yoga, chi kung or meditation practice.

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