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Shaolin Temple Tiger Fighting Elixir - 8 oz    SKU # 310002

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8 ounce Bottle of herbal wine. Herbs are extracted in 40% alcohol and aged for a minimum of year.

This is an original Shaolin herbal formula taken from the ancient Shaolin herbal text, 'Shaolin Si Mi Fang Ji Jin'. It is a rare, authentic formula dating back centuries.

This Shaolin Temple formula is intended for use during advanced level training. Its combination of deer horn and Ginseng helps make it a strong formula for vital Yang energy, but it is not intended t solely tonify the vitality. This formula is designed to strengthen and distribute the vital energy throughout the entire body, calm the nervous system, as well as promote the circulation of blood and open the acupuncture meridians.

Its combination of herbs strengthens the muscles, sinews and joints, as well as circulates energy through the Tantien. It is intended for use in specialized areas of practice where the strength of the arms and the legs is a major factor, such as extensive stance work, holding heavy jars, unusual types of weight training, practicing with weighted weapons and Iron Mountain (A form of Iron Body) Chi Kung training.

As a traditional formula, it was used by the Shaolin monks when great strength and flexibility were required. It was fabled to make one powerful enough to fight tigers or like a tiger; hence the name.

Method of use: Take 1 - 2 teaspoons, 2 times per day (AM/PM) and 1 hour prior to competition, testing, or any mental/physical challenge. Can be mixed with 2 or more ounces of warm or hot water. 8 ounce bottle is approximately 2 week to 1 month course. Use preferably while under heavy or advanced training.

Caution: Contains 40% spirit grade Alcohol. Use only as directed. Keep away from children.

Disclaimer: This is a traditional herbal supplement. The above statements have not been verified by the FDA. User assumes all risk.

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