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Loquat Sore Throat Cough Syrup     SKU # 30034

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1 bottle of 10 fl. Oz of herbal cough syrup. This is the best quality available made by the Nin Jiom Medicine Company. Another one of the Jewels of Chinese Patent Medicines.

An excellent cough syrup that not only relieves painful cough and throat but accelerates healing. A great preventative formulas for cold and flu season.

This formula dispels phlegm, and has antibacterial and antibiotic qualities making it very effective for prevention as well as for threatening mature coughs, flu or other cold related problems.

Great for chronic cough, for relieving bronchial congestion. Works for hoarse throat, for scalding of the tongue, gums or palate and for painful cold sores on the tongue.

This formula has a strong detoxifying properties which are very helpful for those that have quit smoking. Many famous singers have also discovered this little treasure and use it as part of their voice maintenance and prevention methods.

Works great with child colds, coughs, flu or congestion as well as for adults. Should be a part of every medicine cabinet and first aid kit. Very Highly recommended.

Ingredients: Elm Bark, Loquat Leaf, Fritillary, Ballon Flower Root, Snakegourd Seed, Sand Root, Senega Root, Tuckahoe, Licorice Root, Ginger Root, Five Flavored Seed, Peppermint. Contains No Alcohol. Sucrose and Honey Based Syrup.

Dose: Children 2 years of age to Adult: 2 teaspoonfuls every 2 hours as needed. For minor irritation and soothing, take 1 teaspoonful as needed.

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Price: $10.00

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