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Ching Chun Bao Anti-Aging Tablets     SKU # 30001

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This is a very famous and widely used formula in China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. It originated during the Ming dynasty (1368 - 1644) and was originally used only by the Emperor and his court.

Just as the name implies, this formula has a distinctive effect on the long maintenance of youth and the postponement of aging. In China it has been clinically proven that middle-aged and older individuals will experience a sensation of youthfulness when taking Ching Chun Bao. Vigor, strength, memory and thinking will be remarkably improved after a short period of continuous use.

Functions: Strengthen the brain, enhance memory and ability to analyze problems, promote the soundness of sleep, strengthen kidney yang, tonify qi and blood, promote blood circulation, benefit heart and kidneys, enrich sexual function, counter fatigue, reduce blood fat preventing vascular sclerosis. Use as a supplement for general weakness. This formula is reported to be important in strengthening the immune system and slowing the aging process.

Directions: Take twice a day, 4 tablets each time. Each bottle is a 10 day supply. Recommended course is 40 days continuously and stop for 30 days. This auction is for a single bottle.

Main Ingredients: Radix Ginseng Extract, Radix Asparagi, Rehmanniae and Fresh Royal Jelly Mixture. Other ingredients are still a trade secret of the Qing Chun Bao pharmaceutical company. Contains at least 20 herbs.

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