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Shou Wu Chih    SKU # 30008

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1 bottle of this herbal liquid tonic. Excellent herbal tonic wine! Those taking this tonic are wise indeed. Don't take my word for it, read what the experts say: According to Ron Teeguarden, from his book, ''Chinese Tonic Herbs'' -

''Show wu Chih ... is both an energy tonic and a blood tonic. It is specially tonic to the Kidney and Liver systems ... Taken for a period of time, this herbal will build blood and vitality visibly. Sleep will become deep and sound, and the sex life will change significantly for the better. Continued use is said t maintain youthfulness and prolong life. A couple of tablespoons in hot water make a rich tea, to be consumed at bed time and before breakfast.''

Jake Fratkin, the world renowned herbal doctor and author has this to say:

''Tonifies blood, warms and invigorates blood, nourishes liver and kidneys, benefits eyes and tendon. A liquid concentrate useful as a strong liver tonic for men and women. Use for depletion due to sexual excess, childbirth or illness. Strengthens bones and tendons in back and joint aching. Suitable for long periods of time... ''

There are many recorded accounts of the affectivity of this formula and of its main ingredient, FoTi or Shou Wu. My favorite is that of Li C'hing Yuen, who lived to be 252 years old and attributed his longevity to the consumption of the Shou Wu Chih formula for most of his life. This is a confirmed historically factual account.

Ingredients: Polygonum multiflorum (foti / shou wu), Angelica Dang Gui, Polygonatum Rhizome, Rehmannia Root, Ligusticum Rhizome, Angelica Root, Amomum Fruit, Caryophyllum Flower, Citrus Seed.

Dose: 2-3 tablespoons 3x per day with tea, water or soup. Each Bottle contains 17.5 Fl Oz (500ML) or concentrate.

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