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Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan    SKU # 30007

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''Tonify Center to Invigorate Qi Pills'' Also Known as Invigorator Tonic or Central Qi Pills. 4 Bottles. Each bottle contains 200 pills.This wonderful formula acts as both a remedy for illness and a tonic for improving and maintaining health. Truly an exceptional herbal supplement highly valued all across Asia and now being 'discovered' by western medicine. This formula is traditionally used as a tonic to invigorate the immune system, increase and sustain energy (gradually), balance the metabolism, improve digestion, and nourish the blood. The various names reference the ability of this tonic to 'Invigorate' and increase energy and well being. As a medicine it is best know for its effectiveness in eliminating varicose veins and in curing hemorrhoids. It is a well known remedy for all types of a prolapses, such as mentioned above and including hernias. It is also used extensively for other symptoms including lethargy, numb or heavy limbs, bloating, and digestive problems. It is well know for its effectiveness in treating hypoglycemia. In TCM terms this formula tonifies spleen and stomach qi, invigorates qi in the liver and raises yang. Harmonizes the spleen and stomach. An excellent formula in so many ways!

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