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Xiao Yao Wan - ''Relaxed Wanderer Pills''     SKU # 30006

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Also Known as Relax Extract and Relieve Liver Stagnation Pills

4 Bottles. Each bottle contains 200 pills.

Excellent as a tonic to keep chi flowing smoothly and freely. Calms the spirit, clears heat, promotes blood and chi circulation, strengthens spleen.

Said to be the most prescribed herbal tonic in Japan, this is the standard remedy for 'constrained liver chi', gently and effectively aiding the Liver in its job of flowing and spreading energy (chi). The primary herb is bupleurum, known for its ability to break through obstructions and restore the free flow of energy and blood. The remaining seven herbs - peony root, dong quai, poria fungus, atractylodes, ginger, licorice and mint - relieve dampness, promote digestion, and move blocked energy (chi).

Traditionally used for excess stress, irritability, explosive anger, mood swings, depression or anxiety. Emotional swings and outburst are a sign of stuck liver energy. Very effective to counter fatigue, vertigo, dry mouth and throat, moodiness, chest/breast distention, breast nodules, headache. Also used effectively for irregular menstruation, PMS, Menstrual cramps, symptoms of menopause. Helps regulate digestion and resolve Liver Fire.

This tonic aids in the development of focus, concentration and is a great supplement for meditation, Yoga, chi kung and martial arts training.

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