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Shaolin Abundant Justice Wine - Shaolin Yu Gong Jiu - 8 oz    SKU # 310006

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8 ounce (240ml) bottle.

This is an original Shaolin herbal formula taken from the ancient Shaolin herbal text, Shaolin Si Mi Fang Ji Jin. it is a rare, authentic formula dating back centuries.

This prescription was created by Fu Yu, the great monk authorized by the emperor of the Song Dynasty. It has proven effective for supplementing the 5 viscera and for strengthening one's body, for preventing the debility of aging, and for achieving longevity.

It supplements the Chi and quickens the blood, boosts the liver and enriches the kidneys, blackens the hair and secures the teeth, removes aging/liver spots and brightens the facial complexion, strengthens the sinews and bones. If taken frequently in small doses, it facilitates health, prevents disease, regains vitality and promotes longevity.

This formula is also used for curing deficiencies causing emaciation, dizziness, blurred vision, shortness of breath, palpitations, weakness of the 4 limbs, premature graying of the hair, balding due to blood vacuity, reduce sense of hearing, tinnitus, loose teeth. This wine will help with most chronic diseases.

Administration: Take 15 - 30 ml each time. Take once or twice per day (morning and night).

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