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Stone Warrior Herbal Wine - 8 oz bottle    SKU # 310004

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This formula provides herbal support for those embarking on intensive strength building regimen, particularly the Stone Warrior strength building program. The formula is a combination of well known and highly regarded herbs that increase energy, support the build up of muscle, and optimize breathing and the utilization of oxygen for maximum strength and power. The formula contains amongst others, red ginseng and high quality deer antler, both known for their excellent effects on athletic performance.

The combination of herbs in Stone Warrior Wine is in fact an excellent, safe, all natural alternative to steroids, with only positive, healthy results, and no negative side effects. Serious, regular practice of Stone Warrior, Iron Wire, Iron Vest, Golden Bell, Iron Buddha, Weight Training, or similar strengthening exercises is required for use of this formula. This formula has been found to work wonders for strength development and is a well kept secret of world class athletes and body builders.

While no contraindications are known, no other supplements are needed while taking this formula.

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