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Shen Martial Arts Opens In Oceanside!

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Before - 1994

After - 2007

The once legendary martial arts supply store, Shen Martial Training Supply is now back in a new incarnation as Shen Martial Arts in Oceanside.

Shen Martial Arts Showroom

3830 Oceanic Dr. #407
Oceanside, CA 92056


Shen Martial Arts offers Quality Martial Arts Equipment and Supplies for the traditional arts and for modern combat sports. If you practice any style of martial art and have been looking for a difficult to find item, chances are you will find it at Shen Martial Arts. Finding rare and difficult to locate items is our claim to fame. If we don't have it in stock, we can get for you fast.


Shen Martial Arts carries everything from Uniforms to traditional weapons, training equipment, safety gear, shoes & apparel and more. Our famous line of authentic lineage Dit Da Jows for healing, strengthening and conditioning, Herb packs to make your own Dit Da Jow, Tonic wines for energy, flexibility, internal strength, and Chinese Patent medicines can all be found here. Shen Martial Arts has become well known for our high quality hand made Iron Palm bags. These are made to order with a 2-3 day turn-around and can be ordered and picked up at our store.

Shen also offers an excellent selection of books, videos, DVD's and our own line of Chow Gar instructional videos featuring Sifu Paul Whitrod.  Sifu Whitrod's book on Chow Gar Southern Mantis is also carried.

Shen Chinese Kung Fu Academy

We conduct workshops, seminars and instruction in Chinese kung fu at our fully equipped training facilty.


* Ng Ga Kuen Kung Fu

 * Choy Li Fut Kung Fu

 * Chi Kung for Health and Longevity

 * Traditional Weapons

 * Wooden Dummy Training

 * Iron Palm and Iron Body Training for resistance and strength

 * Dit Da Jow Herbology

Classes for Kids, Teens, Adults and Seniors. 

Great for kids. We emphasize discipline, ethics, high morals, hard work, respect and honorable conduct. All students young and old will gain enhanced focus, attention and concetration. We foster a family atmosphere and encourage high thinking and high ideals. Affordable Tuition, Family Discounts, Military Discounts.

Heavy Bag and Weight Area

Wooden Dummies - Ching Jong


Class Observation Waiting Area (In progress)

Sifu Mario Figueroa has over 25 years of experience in Martial Arts and continues to advance his training. He is currently the chief instructor at the Miracosta College Kung Fu Club.

For More Information, please visit us at: 

Shen Martial Arts

3830 Oceanic Dr. #407

Oceanside, California 92056

or call us at 760-305-7603 for a free Trial Lesson.


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