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Shen Martial Arts & North American Hung Gar Association Tournament - A Great Success!

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The September 15, 2007 open tournament hosted by Shen Martial Arts and The North American Hung Gar  association was a great success!  The event featured a traditional lion dance, an excellent "half-time" masters exhibition, and spirited competition with participants from a wide variety of systems and styles.

The event opened with a traditional lion dance courtesy of sifu Sung Au of Au's Shaolin Arts from Hawaii. Students from the Shen Kung Fu Academy / Miracosta Kung Fu club joined Sifu Au's troupe in performing the lion dance.

The masters demo featured unique exhibitions from a number of skilled masters.  Sifu Mario Figueroa of the Shen Kung Fu Academy started the show with the Ng Ga Kuen Short Stick form.  Ng Ga Kuen is the kung fu style taught by the legendary Grandmaster Ark Yuey Wong. The style is rarely  seen today and the short stick form had not been performed in public for over 20 years. Other superb performances followed: Master Calvin Preston with hard chi kung and Iron body; Master Kisu of Nickelodeon's Avatar-The Last Air Bender fame peformed northern shaolin staff and northern kicking skills; Master Ken Edwards (Mortal Kombat - the movie) demonstrated northern eagle claw techniques; and Master Don Hamby (Kwoon, Believe it or Not) demonstrated iron throat chi kung, bending a half-inch iron  re-bar with his throat! Of special mention is the rare Capoeira demonstration put on by Maestre Pastrore. The crowd really enjoyed the show!

Sifu Mario with Sifu Kisu. Sifu Kisu is technical advisor for Nickelodeon's "Avatar - The Last Air Bender" series.

  Sifu Au and Sifu Mario. Sifu Au demonstrated  the Sup Bat Lohan Chi Kung form.


Sifu Mario with Sifu Jim Rose and competitors from the Miracosta Kung Fu Club. Sifu Rose was the originator of the Miracosta Kung Fu Club.

Special Thanks to Don Hamby and the North American Hung Gar Association, to Sifu Hamby's family, to Sifu Mike Marshal, Sifu Kisu, Sifu Ken Edwards, Sifu Calvin Preston, Master Sung Au, to the Miracosta College Kung Fu Club and to everyone who joined in to make this a wonderful event and an unforgetable experience.

We are doing again this year! Contact shenmartialarts@cox.net or Shen Martial Arts at 760-305-7603 for information on the 2008 Miracosta Open Tournament.




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