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Shen Miracosta College Kung Fu Club - Updated 6-19-07

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Shen Kung Fu Club at MIracosta College. Club was founded in December 2006 and officially approved in January 2007. The club's mission is to promote and spread of traditional kung fu. In the picture are the 5 founding students, from left to right: Kurosh, Adam, Stevo, Chau and Luis with teacher and community advisor, Sifu Mario Figueroa. Classes are open to all Miracosta college students and to Non-students age 18 and over. Fees are donation based, and classes are held at the college on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. For more information visit:  http://hgroups.myspace.com/mcckungfu


Shen Kung Fu Club On the News!  Miracosta College demonstration March 22, 2007


Saturdays at John Landes Park - 9:00am. Saturday workouts are alot of fun. We do up to 3 hour sessions and we explore variations of the material we are working on. Since there are no space restrictions, we do lots of moving drills, and footwork combinations. When we are ready for weapons training, they will be conducted here.


 Chau and Luis show the application of Kwa Sow Yum Geuk. Chau shows Luis whats up.


Stevo shows the Quan Kiu or Horn Bridge technique from the sequence "Quan Kiu Kwa Chop". 

Adam performs a Lung Ying or Dragon Tail deflection or re-direction technique.


Group performance of Ng Lung Ma, the "five wheel stance" training set of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu.


Kurosh defending against a kick, punch combination from the club's resident thug, Luis.


Movements from the Ng Lung Choy Set, from right to left: Wok! (Fu Jow), Dik! (Tut Jeung Snap Kick), Yut ! (Gong Jeung).

Bui Yong

Jit Fu Choi

The Terrifying Power of a Kwa Cup Sao!

The Chauminator in Yum Chop

Tue Jeung

Welcome to our newest member Raquel  - June, 2007


Raquel and Luis in Ready Position.

Our sincere thanks to Kurosh and his family for having us over and feeding us! I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend a beautiful Southern California summer day. Wonderful company, great food, and a sense of family.

This was so much fun that we have to do it again before the summer is over! Keep your calendars open in August.....



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