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About Shen Martial Arts

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Sifu Mario - 2007 

Mario in Tiger Pose, way back when.....


About Us - Who are Shen Martial Arts?  

Shen Martial Arts is made up by the husband and wife team of Mario and Alma Figueroa. In most ways, we are a normal family, just like any other; 3 kids, 2 dogs, a 30 year mortgage.....

From left, Mario Jr., Bianca, Alan and Mom, Alma with the sunglasses. 

And then there is the kung fu....  Mario was bit by the kung fu bug at an early age and has been learning, training, practicing, teaching, reading, writing, thinking kung fu ever since. Alma got exposed to the virus when she met Mario.

Alma Figueroa shows abdominal fortitude. Wing Chun kung fu demonstration at Vista Street Fair.   

Yes, for years we tried the normal 9 to 5 but it just did not give us enough time for kung fu!  In reality, we wanted to raise our family in a more integral way, to share a life of meaning with them. So we decided to make kung fu our livelyhood and thus was born 'Shen Martial Arts'. As our children have been growing up, they have fallen in love with kung fu and we have become what could be called a "Kung Fu Family".

Dad getting Jr. started early..... Ooops! Jr. gets in a Lucky Leg Sweep and finishes Dad on the ground. Dead 

Dad shows kung fu sportsmanship by accepting his defeat honorably. Cry

Mario Jr. working with the Ching Jong wooden dummy at age 9. He is now 12. 

My second son Alan age 9,  does a Chop Choy strike from the form Siu Sup Ji Kuen (Small cross pattern). 

Our focus is on sharing some of the knowledge that we have accumulated over the years by making available items and training materials to those that would not otherwise know about or have access to these products. Thus our focus on unique, high quality, high value, highly functionable items to help in your continued progress and learning. We craft our own training bags and brew our own dit da jow liniments, training wines and iron palm herbals in order to provide the best possible quality and consitency. We just did not find anything out there that was of the quality we were looking for. All herbal wines and preparations are made from authentic formulas given to us by masters, herbalists, teachers and kung fu brother enthusiasts over the years.  


Some of our Herbal Brews

It is our sincere goal to help you maximize the quality of your training, and your continued advancement into the higher levels of your martial arts training. 

We are active martial artists and strive to be your supplier of choice; with products "By Martial Artists, for Martial Artists". 

 Practice Hard, Practice Long, Practice, Practice, reach your higher goals.


What Can Shen Martial Arts Do For You?

Shen Martial Arts provides unique and hard to find items for serious practitioners of the Martial Arts. At Shen you will find products that have been carefully selected for their exceptional quality and value. Products that we believe will be truly helpful to your martial arts success and development and that will help you to gain the most out of your training.

Unique Selection

We utilize our experiece, 30 years of direct involvement in the martial arts and 15 years as a supplier, to source products that we now will improve your martial arts development and advancement. We specialize in the following categories:

Dit Da Jow Liniments and Herb Packs - Shen carries one of the widest varieties of authentic formulas from a number of traditional martial arts lineages. Chinese Tonic Herbs and Patent Medicines - Natural, Traditional bulk herbs, herb packs and imported patent medicines to aid in your physical development, health enhancement, and in the improvement of your health and conditioning.

Body Conditioning Bags - We design and manufacture our own bags using traditional specifications for size and content. All of our bags are quality checked prior to shipment. In addition, we ourselves train with the same bags that we make.

High Quality and Difficult to Find Items - Rare, premium quality weapons, difficult to find training aids, excellent instructional books, videos and DVDís and unique accessories to maximize your training experience.

Special Orders - If there is an item that you would like for us to get for you, please let us know, In most cases, we can give you better price an d delivery. Give us a try!

What You Can Expect From Shen Martial Arts

High Quality - All of our products are of the best quaity avaiable in the marketplace. If there is something better out there, we will find it and source it. When the best available is not good enough, we will strive to improve on it or make it ourselves. We welcome your ideas and suggestions.

Fair Prices/Great Value - Shen is not a one stop shop nor a rock bottom discount seller. We are a provider of high end, unique and hard to find products for true Martial Artists. Our products are all priced fairly and in most cases, will be the lowest anywhere.

Service - We are not satisfied unless our customers are satisfied. Our goal is not to make a sale, but to make a friend. We want to be the seller of choice and want you to be happy with your purchase and happy with your buying experience, each and every time.

Delivery - Shen will ship your items the best and fastest way possible. We will keep costs low to the best of our abilities and will utilize your shipping fees to get your product to you quickly and safely.

Response - Call us, e-mail us, write us with your questions, comments, suggestions, feedback, concerns, complaints or anything else. We will give full consideration to all of your communications and will respond within 48 hours 72 hours when your correspondence is received on a weekend (we need a day of rest here and there too!)

Partnership - Every purchase, every transaction is an agreement between You, the customer and Shen Martial Arts. In the event of any questions, concerns, issues, we will work with you and do anything we can, within reason to reach a win-win result. We ask our customers to work with us and give us the same respect and consderation as we will give you. When things donít go as planned, please give us a chance to make good on our service commitment.

So, our final promise to you. We are not perfect, but we will make every effort to do our best to make you a long-term satisfied customer!



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