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Shen Martial Arts Web Journal on Thoughts, Experiences, Tips, Ideas and just about anything relating to the lifelong practice of Chinese Kung Fu - Your comments are welcome!
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Posted by Shen     6 Comments 4/29/2006
Lords of the Ring: Wing Chun's Rattan Ring
Posted by Anonymous 4/29/2006
Great site lots of usefull infomation here.

Posted by Anonymous 4/29/2006
Your are Excellent. And so is your site! Keep up the good work. Bookmarked.

Posted by Anonymous 4/29/2006
Hi! Just want to say what a nice site. Bye, see you soon.

Posted by short-handed 4/29/2006
I am very interested to see what information you have on the ring. I myself have none, so I suppose that follows, lol.

Posted by mohamed 8/19/2008
thanxz so much for ur wonderful site and ur so comperhensive information , i do care about ur artical '' wing chun ratten ring trainig , i hope u sent me some of its application cause its so important to me ,, thanxz so much ... i am mohamed from egypt

Posted by Anonymous 7/7/2010
I was wondering if you could post the article on jook wan huen once more.

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