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These section features articles and information on martial arts, Chinese herbs and related subjects that we hope will add to your knowledge and understanding. You are welcome to view and print this information for your own personal use. All information in this site, including the articles, pictures and diagrams and all other content on this page are the copyrighted property of Shen Martial Arts and may not be published or distributed in any way without our written authorization. You will need adobe PDF reader version 7.0 or higher to access the information in this section.

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NOTE: All material is property of Shen Martial Arts or Original Authors and may not be reproduced in any manner without prior written authorization by the owner of the material.

Latest Inside Kung Fu Article

  1. Buried Treasure - Inside Kung Fu July 2008 - PDF
  2. Hall of Pain - IKF 9/07 - PDF
  3. IKF Article April 2007 - PDF
  4. Inside Job - Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis - PDF
  5. IKF Article September 2006 - Spanish - PDF
  6. IKF Article September 2006 - PDF
Devil in the Details Series

  1. Bamboo Ring Training - Wing Chun Jook Wan Hong - PDF
  2. Standing Post Meditation - Zhang Zhuan Part 1 - PDF
  3. Wing Chun's Jook Wan Huen - PDF
  4. Phoenix Eye Punch of Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu - PDF
  5. Sorm Bo Jin Form of Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu - PDF
5 Family / 5 Animal Style Kung Fu Articles

  1. Ng Ga KuenTM IKF Article January 1990 - PDF
  2. Inside Kung Fu Dec 1973 Ark Wong Article - PDF
  3. Ng Ga KuenTM IKF Article June 2006 - Spanish - PDF
  4. Ng Ga Kuen IKF Article June 2006 - PDF

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