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Shen Martial Arts offers products to enhance Martial Arts training and development, specializing in bottled Dit Da Jow, Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm Herb Packs, Iron Palm Bags, Chinese Herbs, Training Weapons, Books, Instructional Videos, Instructional DVDís, and Training Equipment. WE also offer the Shen exclusive Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis video series featuring Sifu Paul Whitrod and the rare Ark Y. Wong 2 volume DVD set.
Shen offers unique and hard to find items for serious practitioners of all levels.
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Traditional Chinese Kung Fu DVDs

Wing Chun Bamboo - Rattan Ring Training DVD Volumes 1, 2 and 3

Shen Martial Arts is a distributor for the complete collection of Chow Gar training videos from Master Paul Whitrod. These videos have some of the best Kung Fu ever recorded on instructional video. Very impressive. Close-in fighting arts as developed by the Hakka people of southern China.
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We utilize our experiece, 30 years of direct involvement in the martial arts and 11 years as a supplier, to source products that we now will improve your martial arts development and advancement. We specialize in the following categories:

  • Dit Da Jow Liniments and Herb Packs - Shen carries one of the widest varieties of authentic formulas from a number of traditional martial arts lineages.
  • Chinese Tonic Herbs and Patent Medicines - Natural, Traditional bulk herbs, herb packs and imported patent medicines to aid in your physical development, health enhancement, and in the improvement of your health and conditioning.
  • Body Conditioning Bags - We design and manufacture our own bags using traditional specifications for size and content. All of our bags are quality checked prior to shipment. In addition, we ourselves train with the same bags that we make.
  • High Quality and Difficult to Find Items - Rare, premium quality weapons, difficult to find training aids, excellent instructional books, videos and DVDís and unique accessories to maximize your training experience.
  • Special Orders - If there is an item that you would like for us to get for you, please let us know, In most cases, we can give you better price an d delivery. Give us a try!
Mario also writes the Kung Fu Babble BLOG located on this site. His vast experience and dedication in Martial Arts allows for some extremely meaningful dialog.

His latest entry is dated Tuesday, June 7, 2011 and is titled:
It's What You Do Most of the Time ......... part 1

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