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I-Flex Portable Stretcher    SKU # 60004

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Portable Stretching Machine

Back again at Shen Martial Arts, the I-Flex Stretcher, one of the best training aids you will ever invest in.

The I-Flex is designed to fit over or under most any door allowing you to train your flexibility almost anywhere. Although made of firm metal construction for durability, it is light weight and of practical size, fitting easily in your workout bag, or in your luggage when travelling.

The I-flex is an ideal aid for anyone who conducts intensive physical training or for those wanting to maintain fitness and health. Flexibility is one of the most important aspects of health maintainance as well as a factor in improved competitive performance. Great for martial arts, dance, track and field, gymnastics, or most other sports and physical disciplines.

Includes an instructional booklet showing 16 different exercises covering lower, middle and upperbody flexiblity. A unique item from Shen Martial Arts now back again!

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Price: $50.00

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