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Iron Palm is the most well known of all of the Iron Skills training methods. However it is one of many different training methods devised to develop the body's resistance to pain and injury caused by blows,strikes and trauma that are common to combat or martial arts training.

Iron Skills training methods include Iron Palm, Iron Fist, Iron Bridge, Iron Sand Palm, Finger Thrusting, Chin Na, Grip Training, Iron Body, Golden Bell Cover, Iron Shirt, and Iron Vest. These methods utilize the ability of the human body to adapt to changing conditions, coupled with herbology and chi kung to harness the internal energies and gradually increase the physical strength and resistance. The objective is to increase the body's strength, resistance and pain threshold along with the power and effectiveness of offensive techniques

At Shen we hand craft all of our bags out of the highest quality materials and using the traditional fillers learned from our practice and experience with Iron Skills training. We make bags for every level of training and for the various types of Iron Skills methods, including Iron Palm Striking Bags, Chin Na Grip training bags, Finger training catch bags, Iron Body Training Bags, Iron Fist / Iron Finger Hanging Bags, and Makiwara bags.

All bags are made from the best quality canvas, "Durabag" super strength material, and Leather. We also offer custom made Iron Palm and Iron Body conditioning bags to your specifications, unfilled or with your choice of materials and fillings. Contact us for with your specifications for a quote.

Shen Martial Arts Iron Palm Bags and Iron Body Bags are the golden standard for Iron Skills training.

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Iron Palm Bags
Iron Palm Bags
Chin Na Grip Strengthening Bags
Chin Na Grip Strengthening Bags
Iron Body Training Bags
Iron Body Training Bags
Iron Palm Hanging Bags
Iron Palm Hanging Bags
Durabag Iron Palm Bags - Iron Skills Bags
Durabag Iron Palm Bags - Iron Skills Bags

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