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Ren Shen Yang Rong Wan - Ginseng Tonic Pills aka: ''Support Luxuriant Growth (Development) Pills''    SKU # 30004

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Made by the Lanzhou Fo Ci Pharmaceutical Factory, Lanzhou, Gansu, China. 1 bottle with 200 pills.

''Tonifies Chi (Qi), blood and kidney yang, circulates Chi (Qi) in the center, and calms Shen (spirit). Recommended for health maintenance and promotion and for general weakness in chronic illness, or following childbirth or trauma. Good general purpose tonic for longevity.''

This formula originates from the Tai Pin Hui Min Ji Ju Fang (Formulas for the People's Welfare Pharmacy), Song Dynasty 960 1279 AD.

This patent medicine has a number of applications for health maintenance and longevity. More specifically, it resolves fatigue, increases energy, strengthens the constitution. Its use will prevent and heal anemia, lumbago and will strengthen the knees for those with knee problems. It helps against excessive sweating, shortness of breath and helps regulate digestion. It has been used to treat and heal/normalize hypothyroid, muscle spasms due to hypocalcaemia (including leg cramps at night) boils or skin ulcers that do not heal.

It is a tonic used by martial artists due to its chi strengthening and circulation properties and also due its positive effects on knees, legs, and back. It strengthens & tonifies the kidney and spleen yang chi which increase the vitality or Jing.

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