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Fare You - Vitamin U Complex    SKU # 30040

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1 bottle with 50 coated tablets

The latest and most effective remedy for various sorts of gastric pains, ulcer and duodenal ulcers. Indication: Treatment of peptic ulcers: as gastric duodenal ulcers, achylia gastrica, hyperacidity, chronic gastritis, regurgitatica and lesions in the coats of the stomach. Methionine is an amino acid, and it has historically been referred to as ''vitamin U'' particularly in the European research literature. Source of vitamin U and other nutrients known to oppose inflammation and help with healing in the gastro-intestinal tract. Consider with ulcers, hiatal hernia, acid-reflux, excess production of hydrochloric acid, heartburn, sour stomach and as a source of chlorophyll. The preparation of Fare-you (Vitamin U Complex) is a new special remedy. It is made from the best quality of vitamin U and other ingredients. These tablets are reputed to be the latest and most effective medicine for gastric duodenal ulcers, chronical gastritis and various types of gastropathies. This medicine is a specialty for gastrophies. It provides the organism with more proliferative methyl to promote the ulcerated part of gastro-intestinal tissue to accelerate healing.

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