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Chen Pu Hu Chien Wan aka: Jian Bu Hu Qian Wan     SKU # 30023

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''Walk Vigorously like a Stealthy Tiger Pill'' 3 Bottles. Each bottle contains 200 pills.

Excellent tonic for chronic pain caused by wind/damp invasion. This formula is used for pain affecting the legs and knees and for sciatica as well as chronic arthritis and lumbago.

The herbal formulation contains achyranthes root which invigorates blood circulation and strengthens joints, and is very effective for resolving paining the lower back and knees caused by energy deficiency. This herb is also effective against dizziness and headaches.

Another of the main ingredients is Chaenomeles Lagenaria which is effective against cramping, acute pain, and weakness of the lower back and extremities.

According to well renowned herbalist, Jake Fratking:''Dispels wind-damp, strengthens kidney qi and jing, nourishes liver blood, benefits tendons and bones.'' Use for kidney weakness aggravated by wind and damp, causing problems in the lower back, legs or gait. Appropriate for chronic arthritis, lumbago and sciatica. Ingredients: Chanomeles fruit, Achyranthes root, Gentiana Qin Jao, Angelica, Ginseng root, other herbal ingredients, Honey as a binder.

Each bottle contains 200 pills. Take 20 pills, 2x per day.

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