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Shen Martial Arts - Simply the Best Dit Da Jow
Shen carries the widest selection of authentic, traditional Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm formulas and liniments available on the internet. Our formulas come from various martial lineages and Healing traditions. All of our liniments and herbal kits are prepared following original methods and exact preparation instructions and using the best quality herbs.

Herbal Medicine for Martial Training - Cheer Genius
We have the largest selection and variety of authentic martial arts lineage formulas and were the first to offer these formulas to the public. These formulas were developed by expert herbalists specifically for the type of training, the variety of injuries, and range of results for their specific Martial Art style. Each lineage formula was developed for specific requirements and with specific for specific objectives. Each martial dit da jow and iron palm formula has a its own distinct feel, color, smell, and each leads to a varying range of martial abilities and results while healing the injuries common to each type of training. Cheer genius is the only way to describe these herbal formulas.

Strict Confidentiality and Respect of Intellectual Property
Shen Martial Arts observes and maintains strict confidentiality of our sources and of their intellectual property. The formulas we have received come from high level representatives of the various martial lineages and it is through their generosity and their teaching that we are able to offer these to our customers. Let us be reminded that each formula came about as a result of years of learning and through the proprietary knowledge and understanding of those that created them. This makes each formula the intellectual property of the master that created it and of their martial lineage and its representative(s). We honor this tradition and will not divulge or appropriate their formulas, but instead give credit to their knowledge. We are fortunate and eternally grateful to the many master herbalist who have deemed us worthy of sharing their martial formulas and that have allowed us to share them with your, our customers.

Shen Martial Arts - Passion for Quality
At Shen Martial Arts, we are passionate about quality. If our herbs, our base liquids or any part of our Dit Da Jow liniment or herb kit production is not 100%, we will not ship. We use only the best quality herbs from sources developed over 30 years experience in working with Chinese Herbs. We follow exact procedures and processes that eliminate variation and that yield consistent repeatable results.

Herb Quantities - More is not Better
The "more is better" mentality does not apply to herbal formulas. Large quantities of herbs do not make a better formula and in fact will result in a wrongly prepared formula. Exact and correct quantities make superior dit da jow and excellent iron palm medicine. at Shen Martial Arts we make our liniments, our herb packs and our iron palm formulas using exact quantities, exact ratios, carefully measured amounts of each herb. What this means to our customers is only the best Dit Da Jow time after time. Our experience, our authentic formulas and our quality chinese herbs make ours the best Dit Da Jow you can find.
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Bottled Dit Da Jow
Bottled Dit Da Jow
Shen Herbal Formulas
Shen Herbal Formulas

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