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    Bottled Elixirs

Prepared and ready to use Herbal Elixirs designed to support and enhance your training efforts and to help you reach your maximum potential.

All of our formulas are classical, traditional formulas that have an extensive history of use by martial arts practitioners and have demonstrated effectiveness and consistent empirical results. We do not tamper or modify these formulas and keep strictly to original guidelines.

Each herbal wine is formulated to provide specific results. The Shaolin Temple Tiger Fighting Elixir is made to collect, consolidate and release the internal energies making them accessible in the event of great physical, mental and spiritual challenges such as combat. On the other end of the spectrum, the Cotton Steel Wine is made for regular inner practice, to help achieve greater and greater depth of internal training and for distributing the life force and relaxing the tissues, giving way for relaxed strength. The Stone Warrior Wine is made to supplement physical strength and power, but also to maximize breath and improve circulatory efficiency.

At Shen we do not add formulas just for the sake of having more, we carefully select those that we as martial artists have used and researched and experienced.

Our goal is to help you, the true serious martial artists improve and reach the highest level of ability and effectiveness.
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Shaolin Extend the Sinews Elixir - Yoga, Kung Fu, Wushu, Chi Kung - 8 oz

Dragon's Breath Internal Elixir - Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation - 8 oz

Fu Gu Jiu - Tiger Bone Wine - 8 oz

Shaolin Abundant Justice Wine - Shaolin Yu Gong Jiu - 8 oz

Shaolin Training Wine - Shaolin Lian Gong Jiu - 8 oz

Stone Warrior Herbal Wine - 8 oz bottle

Cotton Steel Stay Flexible Wine (Shu Jin Chih) - 8 oz

Shaolin Temple Tiger Fighting Elixir - 8 oz

Tiger Stance Elixir - Fu Ma Chih - 8oz

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